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Pay-per-click Management

TecoBytes is the top PPC Agency in Bangalore that lets your potential clients be aware of your brandthrough paid Ads.

While SEO takes time to perform, PPC is the most effective way to generate instant leads.

Running a limited period offer? Well, this technique will definitely help you!

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Pay Per Click Management Services

We bring results every single time.

Boost your business with PPC Management!

A proven strategy that gives you a competitive edge over others by enabling you to reach your potential clients.

PPC is one of the most efficient strategies for reaching the top of the search engine result page when implemented effectively.

Tech stuff in Tecobytes

Technologies we work with

  • Ahrefs DM tool


  • Alexa DM tool


  • Hotjar DM tool


  • MailChimp DM tool


  • SEMRush DM tool


  • SendGrid DM tool


  • Social Pilot DM tool

    Social Pilot

  • UberSuggest DM tool


  • Zoho CRM DM tool

    Zoho CRM

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

  • Google Partner

    Google Partner

  • Google Trends

    Google Trends

  • Google Search Console

    Google Search Console

  • UberSuggest


  • DataStudio


  • Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner

Unrivalled PPC Management Services

Our PPC management team pays attention to every minute detail that would help us run an effective campaign. We don’t have a set strategy; we develop and customize your plan as per your objectives, to render better results from the campaign.

With our up-to-date advertising technologies and using techniques like retargeting and customer match, and audience match, we make sure to target your audience and encourage them to convert.

Benefits of using our PPC Service

We have seasoned experience in PPC marketing, as we have been practising it for the past 20 years!

Well, what do we do when you sign up for our Pay-per-click management service?

  • We assign a dedicated professional to take care of your PPC account.
  • A dedicated professional tailors a plan that is specially customized to cater to your objectives.
  • The team does keyword research on around 400 to 10,000 keywords, which will improve the efficacy of paid advertising.
  • We make use of powerful AI to investigate the competition’s ad techniques and target Google, Bing, and Gmail.
  • The dedicated team manages your Ad bids customize your current copy, design, and targeting to ensure productivity.
  • We keep you informed about the ad’s performance through frequent reports.

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What makes TecoBytes the top PPC Company in Bangalore?

Being cognoscentes in PPC campaigns, we have come across “”n”” number of clients with a variety of objectives. This experience, along with a few other attributes, is the reason why we are the top PPC agency in Bangalore.


We are Transparent

Our team is open to talking to you about everything, including the PPC management cost. From consulting to implementation, we are honest about what your business needs and act accordingly. Our Frequent reports are proof that we uncover everything for you!

Detailed Report

Detailed Reporting

Every penny you invest must be worth it.
We provide you with detailed reporting covering everything from the number of clicks to the amount spent for each click, keywords used, etc.
We believe it is our responsibility to keep you informed about your PPC campaign.


We’ve got you covered.

We don’t come out of the blue, develop your Ad, text, and leave. TecoBytes takes your business seriously and assigns a dedicated team to make sure your campaign meets your objectives. When you sign up with us, you provide everything that we need for a successful PPC campaign.


It’s no longer your objective; it’s ours.

Though you fix your objectives, it’s us who are going to work on them. We make your objectives ours, which will make your ad campaign a success.
We prioritize your objectives and assist you in achieving them.

Customised Campaigns

Each Campaign is Custom-made for you

We know that every business is unique and has distinct requirements; hence, we customise our strategies as per your business and goals. We start every project fresh. We listen to your needs and tailor a plan that meets your objectives.

Understand how to develop your business by achieving the full potential of Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, SMM, and PPC.


PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a type of online advertising in which Advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. PPC advertising can be displayed on websites, search engines, and social media networks.

For a set fee, PPC management services provide expert management of your PPC strategy and campaigns. This can include strategy formulation, bid management, ad wording, and other areas of management.

Yes! More than half of all page views are driven by search engine advertising. Even better, visitors who click on an ad are twice as likely to buy a product or service as those who do not click on an ad. Ads that target those who are actively looking to buy might have an immediate impact on your sales results through PPC advertising.

There are a number of factors that affect the cost per click in PPC, including:

  • Your bid in PPC is the amount of money you’re willing to spend for someone to click on your ad.
  • Targeting: From keywords to demographics, targeting can have an impact on your PPC spending. Bidding on a competitive term, such as Consumer insurance agencies, for example, can result in greater costs due to the higher cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Ad quality: In pay-per-click advertising, the quality score is also important. Big brands cannot pay to win in PPC because ads Networks, such as Google Ads, evaluate ad quality and relevancy.

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system that Google uses is called Google Ads. It lets businesses put relevant ads at the top of search results when people search for products and services that are similar to those of the businesses in their area.

The term “Google Ads” also refers to ads that businesses can put on websites and in YouTube videos. When most people hear the term, they think of search placement and PPC ads.

Google Ads work by putting your ad up when people search for the products and services you sell on the web. When you use smart technology, Google Ads can help you get your ads in front of people who are ready to buy right when they see them.

  • You choose a goal, like getting more people to your website.
  • Next, you choose where your ad should be shown.
  • This is all done. You’ll write your ad and decide how much money you can spend each month.