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Omkar Case Study – Marketing Management Application

Omkar club soda and Packaged Drinking Water, Karnataka’s fastest growing water brand.

  • Mobile Application for Order Processing.
  • Minimize Errors in recording the Client Details.
  • Generate professional Billing Reports.
  • Get Tailor-Made Customer orders.
  • Omkar - Dashboard
  • Omkar - Followup - Details
  • Omkar - Marketing
  • Omkar - Order - Details

Chagi Case Study – Inventory Management Application

  • Chagi Billing
  • Chagi - Crushing
  • Chagi - Paddy
  • Chagi - Paddy - Arrival
  • Chagi - Print

Chagi Narasaiah Agro Foods, A Quality Rice provider like Fan Broken, Koli, Bran and Kandu.

  • Inventory export from the Inventory system.
  • Stock Details at every level of the Entry.
  • Manage roles and users with their basic wage details.
  • Import data excel sheets for equipment and products.

Auto Case Study – Inventory Management Application

AutoMac Diesels, Top equipment provider of CASE and Godrej, service of TURBO & TEL Engines.

  • Induced Barcode labels on all inventory items.
  • Inventory export from the WMS system for all inventory.
  • Can order spare parts and maintain their status.
  • Access Accountant, Sales Manager, and Warehouse Manager levels.
  • Automac Dashboard
  • Automac Invoice
  • Automac - Invoicelist
  • Automac - Purchaseinward
  • Automac - Report
  • Automac - Tallyoptions

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Reltigo ERP Application

Reltigo ERP Cloud Management Application serves its distinctive blend of product planning, business procedures to address the most squeezing needs of all small businesses.

Reltigo – ERP Management

GoInkFree Application

GoInkFree designed and developed in such a way where it gives easy to operate presence and features covering all the activities of the schools/college and its management.

Goinkfree – School Application


ModulesBasket provides the Updated, Trending WHMCS Modules, Add-on Services in sync with all Latest Templates built to arm the Online store Operational Systems with complete support.

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