Increasing your YouTube follower count is a skill !

Increasing Your YouTube Follower

If you already have a YouTube channel, you’re probably wondering how to increase your subscriber count. You may be the next big YouTube star with many subscribers if you have a good strategy and perseverance.

Increasing your YouTube follower

Video content is gaining popularity in the realm of content marketing. Today, YouTube is the most popular site for video blogging, video sharing, and video marketing. It’s a Google-provided free platform that many people are opting for. Despite the fact that Facebook and Twitter have just entered the video marketing game, YouTube still has a significant lead in terms of influence.

With over a billion unique YouTube visitors every month, every submitted video has a large potential audience. Whether it’s humor based, informative or a video of a fashionista’s summer wardrobe assessment, YouTube is the most popular video-watching platform.

20 Innovative Ways To Grow Your YouTube Subscribers:

  1. Include a watermark in your video.
  2. Set your YouTube account’s default settings.
  3. In your Channel URL, add a subscription string.
  4. Thumbnail image on YouTube.
  5. Create a video strategy (with a script)
  6. Create content that is highly engaging.
  7. Increase the frequency with which you upload.
  8. Make YouTube titles more clickable.
  9. Take advantage of channel modification options.
  10. Make a fascinating channel trailer.
  11. Make use of the appropriate tools.
  12. Let folks know where they can discover your YouTube channel.
  13. Make longer videos (10 minutes or more) available.
  14. Include an intro and outro from YouTube in your video.
  15. Apply harsh editing to your videos.
  16. Make your video descriptions as good as possible.
  17. Make use of meta tags to your advantage.
  18. Make a solid finish to your videos.
  19. Consider teaming up with other YouTubers.
  20. Interact with your loyal fan base.

1. Include a Watermark Into Your Video:

This is a simple YouTube channel hack that you can do immediately. You can add a watermark to your videos that will appear on all of them at any moment. This gives your audience another option for subscribing to your YouTube channel.

2. Set Your YouTube Account’s Default Settings:

Another useful tip is to include a subscribe reminder in all of your videos. YouTube, like branding, allows you to select default settings for all of your future uploads. You can use this feature to ask your viewers to subscribe to all of your videos using this feature. You need to go to the YouTube default page and put a description that you want to be seen in all of your videos to configure this.

3. In Your Channel URL, Add a Subscription String:

This is another brilliant way to gain YouTube subscriptions from those who click on your channel link. In this method, you’ll append “?append confirmation=1” to the end of your channel’s URL. When people click on your SML magic string link (?sub_confirmation=1), this is how it works: pop-up displays, asking users to subscribe to your YouTube channel right away.

4.Thumbnail Image On YouTube:

This is something that many YouTube creators will agree to.

  • Instead of having a random thumbnail, make a custom video thumbnail for each video.
  • Increase your YouTube video’s CTR by using annotations and relevant photos as custom thumbnails (click-through rate). Your users will know what your video is about if you use a custom video thumbnail with a minor annotation. At the moment,
  1. YouTube provides thumbnails at three intervals: 1/4th, 1/2, and 3/4th.
  2. Choose the one that most accurately depicts the topic of your film.
  3. YouTube thumbnails assist you in attracting new subscribers to your channel, and if you are not creating eye-catching thumbnails, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.
  4. Thumbnails on YouTube are 1280 x 720 pixels in size when not in use.

5. Create a Video Strategy (with a script):

Create a video strategy
  • The first step in starting your YouTube career is to figure out what your channel will be about.
  • The framework of the videos must then be planned.
  • Decide what you enjoy making and work on honing your talents in that area.
  • Imitating popular YouTube channels is not a good idea. It’s more vital to do what you love on YouTube than it is to do what you don’t (and in life).
  • If you write a script for your video, it will perform better since scripts help you organize your film and keep you on target. You’ll be able to stay on course without straying off into unrelated territory if you stick to a script. This script will also guarantee a smooth sequence of events, resulting in a well-focused video.
  • In your video script, include as many details as possible.
  • You’ll say exactly what you’ve decided to speak.

Some important pointers to remember :

  • Add calls to action that are required like (click on this link, subscribe to my channel)
  • Figure out who your target audience is and write your script keeping them in mind like :
  1. Are they computer savvy?
  2. Do they know English or which local language they understand
  3. They level of knowledge, literacy etc

6. Create Content That Is Highly Engaging:

Create content that is highly engaging

It should go without saying, that you must produce compelling, instructive, and content that people can connect to. Ensure that it remains that way for the duration of the video. You’ll lose a lot of viewers if you lose the hook in the middle.

  • Content that is either amusing or educational is the most effective.
  • The most effective material is that which is both amusing and educational.
  • This is true for any type of content marketing, but videos that both inform and entertain are typically the most successful.
  • Upload a mix of burst and evergreen videos, in particular. For a limited time, burst videos are in range, resulting in immediate hits, but they will fade away as time passes.
  • Videos that are evergreen will receive archival views and will remain relevant indefinitely. If at all possible, strive to develop material that is primarily evergreen.

7. Increase The Frequency With Which You Upload:

Subscribers on YouTube lose interest in channels that don’t post a new video on a regular basis. Consumers, particularly in today’s digital age, are constantly demanding more and more information in the form of entertainment, news, education, and so on. You need to be able to meet the demands of your subscribers. The key to building a long-term relationship with your subscribers is consistency.

8. Make YouTube Titles More Clickable:

Giving your videos quirky or unique names is a wonderful method to do this. You’ll attract a lot of folks to your channel just because they’re curious. Quirky titles will help your channel receive the views it needs to profit from the social proof factor. However, if you want to obtain the most views, you’ll need to dig into the SEO aspect of YouTube marketing. In the title –

  • Use keywords
  • Keep it as short as possible.
  • Have the headline catchy.
  • Use the word “video” sparingly in the title.

9. Take Advantage Of Channel Modification Options:

If you want people to trust your brand on YouTube, you’ll need to make use of all of the customization choices available.

  • Make yourself look professional, and your audience will respect and trust you.
  • Make use of comparable branding features for your YouTube channel if you already have a blog with a decent audience. This will assist you in standing out on all platforms.
  • Having well-crafted unique YouTube channel art will help you establish yourself as a brand.
  • Create a custom theme header that includes some of the design elements of your site.

10. Make a Fascinating Channel Trailer:

YouTube has an excellent tool called channel trailers that allows you to play a video immediately when you open a YouTube channel. You must work carefully on and refresh your channel trailer on a regular basis to keep people interested. This is the point at which you must grab your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds. A channel trailer should be between 30 and 60 seconds long. In this section, you’ll need to describe why your potential subscribers should subscribe to your channel and what you have to offer them.

11. Make Use Of The Appropriate Tools:

There are many useful tools available. Using appropriate tools will help you grow your organic audience, from tools to help you develop videos to tools to help you advertise them. And the more organic views you have, the more potential subscribers you’ll be able to attract.

12. Let Folks Know Where They Can Discover Your YouTube Channel:

Use the option to link to your official website on YouTube if you have one. When you send your most curious users to your website, you can capitalize on the work you put into gaining viewers to your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel will also be approved as an accurate representation of your company. Under the channel settings tab, add the URL of your website or blog to your YouTube channel.

13. Make Longer Videos (10 minutes or more) available:

Despite the fact that YouTube has a lot of thorough, in-depth reviews and other long-form content, the videos that convert the best are those that are over 10 minutes long. Shorter films performed well in the past, but as YouTube has grown in popularity, lengthier videos are now ranking higher. The average length of most YouTube videos, according to Comscore, was roughly 4.4 minutes in January 2014. This is the magic number for up-and-coming content creators.

14. Include An Intro And Outro From YouTube In Your Video:

Your YouTube intro and outro will help brand your video while also increasing its engagement. An introduction and conclusion will help to build your brand and give your video a professional appearance. It sounds like the opening theme music from a television show. Furthermore, a captivating start will keep your viewers captivated by the rest of the video.

15. Do a Thorough Editing To Your Videos:

editing to your videos

Edit your YouTube videos meticulously to ensure that only the best of them get posted. If you rush through your schedule and post hastily, you will only harm yourself and your brand. While filming a video, create a lot of recordings and select only the best ones. If you’re unsure about a particular shot, try a few others. If you have a Windows computer, Adobe Premier will run smoothly. Get the correct editing software to help you with this (often) tedious task.

16. Make Your Video Descriptions As Good As Possible:

Returning to the topic of YouTube video SEO, the video description should not be overlooked. The description will not only help search engines find your films, but it will also provide potential viewers a sense of what the video is about. But be careful not to overdo it. It’s pointless to have a long description because only the first few lines of your description appear when the video loads. You should use your keyword in the description, just as you did in the title, but don’t go overboard. Don’t imagine that by repeating your term 17 times, you’re tricking the search engine. This will actually reduce your chances of appearing in searches. Keep it natural and true to yourself.

17. Make Use Of Meta Tags To Your Advantage:

For keyword suggestions for your YouTube videos, try the Google Keyword Planner. Make sure your videos contain all of the essential keywords. This will improve your search engine visibility on Google and YouTube. Overusing keywords will not help (in fact, it will hinder) your rankings, but a few well-researched and strategically positioned keywords can work wonders. A low video count could suggest poor discoverability as well as bad content.

18. Make a Strong Finish To Your Videos:

Whatever your videos are about, make sure they end on a good note. Make sure your films end in a memorable manner, just like the final dialogue before the curtain falls. Inquire if your viewers would want to be subscribed to your channel and whether they enjoyed the video. Instruct them to visit your website. Give them your phone number and tell them to call you (not a good idea). Whatever you do, keep this in mind, if you never inquire, you will always receive a negative response. End your videos on a confident note by thanking your fans.

19. Consider Teaming Up With Other YouTubers:

It will benefit you, your collaborators, and your audience. The creative process is a collaborative one, and viewing other YouTubers as competition will only stifle your growth, making you envious of others’ achievements. Reach out to other users in your field who are similar to you and ask them if they’d like to collaborate on something fun.

You’ll be able to reach a new audience, your colleague will be able to reach a new audience, and your viewers will appreciate all of the added value.

20. Interact With Your Loyal Fan Base:

Interact with your loyal fan base

This ethereal thread of connecting and communicating with other people is the foundation of social media. It all boils down to your level of concern. They will care for you if they know you care for them. Interact with your viewers in the comments section of your videos and listen to their demands. True, you may experience some pushback and rage in the comments area, but you should handle it gracefully and listen to your dedicated fan base.

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