How to determine the number of actual traffic a website gets

Actual traffic is an essential aspect of competitive analysis, The number of individuals that visit a website at any given moment is referred to as website “Sessions” which are a common unit of measurement for traffic.

A session occurs when a user views one or more pages in a specific time, and some users may return to your website numerous times before purchasing a product or inquiring about a service.

If you ask someone with a company website what their goals are, you’ll almost definitely notice “

More website traffic

While there are many indicators to track as your site grows, the fact is that most individuals base their success or failure on the number of people that visit their website each month.

The word “traffic” represents the number of people that visit your website. Depending on how they found you, they are divided into different segments. Get a handle on traffic that you’ll notice in online analytics: organise traffic. Non-tracking URL type-ins, bookmarks, or media links

Traffic Analytics may be used to track the traffic of competitors’ websites. Unlike Google Analytics, which measures site traffic internally, Semrush Traffic Analytics estimates your competitors’ traffic using web usage data, machine learning algorithms, and Big Data technologies.

An SEO would like to have access to detailed traffic information. An advertising company wants to know how much traffic is expected and where it is originating from. Here are some of the most accurate estimate tools. You can choose one that matches your requirements and expectations according to your wants and needs.

Traffic Estimation Tool:

Knowing your web analytics is essential for measuring your progress and analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing. It might also assist you in planning future campaigns.

Website traffic estimation tools are used to examine any website to identify where people come from, how they engage with the website and a wealth of other data that may provide you insight into where the visitors are coming from.

  1. SEMrush Traffic Analytics
  2. SimilarWeb
  3. Check out Google Analytics.
  4. Serpstat

SEMrush Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics may be used to track the competitors’ websites. Unlike Google Analytics, which measures site traffic internally, Semrush Traffic Analytics estimates your competitors’ traffic using web usage data, machine learning algorithms, and Big Data technologies. SEMrush makes determining which keywords your site (or any other site) rank a breeze. In other words, it makes keyword research a breeze.

You may add keywords and watch their placements in all major search engines depending on geographical location once you’ve completed your keyword research.

The geographical location aspect is critical for those targeting certain nations such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, the United States, and so on. This function may also be used by a worldwide blogger to monitor how their site ranks in other nations’ search engines.

SEMrush is a specialist in competitive analysis, and you can instantly get the following statistics utilizing their traffic analytics toolkit:

  • In a month, the total number of visitors to a website
  • The average length of a visit
  • Rate of re-entry
  • Pages/visit
  • Sources of traffic (Find out from which location a website is getting traffic)
  • Determine which social media platform is bringing in the most visitors.
  • Traffic from paid ads
  • Subdomains, as well as traffic estimates

The traffic source feature allows you to visualize what a website’s top traffic sources are. Advertisers can rapidly identify websites that are inflating their traffic using low-quality methods. At the same time, marketers and bloggers may tap into a previously untapped traffic source.

Other characteristics that any SEO or marketer would like are:

Geo Distribution

One may find out which country a website’s visitors are coming from using Geo Distribution. This data may be used to improve marketing and SEO strategies.

Some Ways Of Driving Country-Specific Website Traffic:

  1. Domain Name Extension: Top-level domain extensions typically rank higher in global search engines, but if you want your blog or website to target a specific nation, you’ll need to choose a lower-level domain extension.A country-specific domain extension is your best choice if your purpose is clear and you know your target audience.
  2. Google Search console Geo-Targeting: Bloggers or webmasters looking for country-specific traffic can definitely benefit from Google’s free service for bloggers and webmasters. This feature allows you to specify the country your website is targeted towards, assisting you in attracting visitors from that country.
  3. Web Hosting Server Location: The actual location of the data center where your website is housed is referred to as the server location. Centers can be located anywhere on the planet. You must consider the location of your target audience when selecting a hosting web service.
  4. Backlinks: Backlinks were used to determine the popularity of material when Google Search first began. Although much has changed over time, the value of backlinks has not. As a result, focusing on country-specific backlinks is an excellent idea.
  5. Content Level Targeting: Google’s major indicator for determining which country you’re targeting is your content. Suppose you’re using a generic domain name extension (.com,.org) to target many countries, including the country’s name in the meta titles and descriptions of your articles. This not only makes your content more keyword-targeted but also makes it apparent that you’re targeting a particular country.
  6. Local SEO using Google My Business: This may not be applicable to a general blog, but if you have a service blog or an e-commerce website, Google Business will be really useful.Claim your business on Google and fill in all relevant information such as an address, phone number, and so on. This will assist Google in determining your company’s location. Submit Website To Local Search
  7. Engines & Directories: One should submit your website to local search engines and online directories for country-based traffic. This will soon become a very important method for gaining country-specific backlinks, which will play a big role in understanding where your traffic is coming from.
  8. Use Google Trends: Find keywords that are popular with your target country’s audience and create a content strategy around them. For example, the word Bitcoin is quite common in India but not in the rest of the country.

Track the Development of Keywords in Country-Specific Searches:

So far, we’ve talked about how to employ strategies to target certain countries for your website traffic.

Following that, you’ll need to monitor the keyword’s progress in your target nation. This will assist you in determining which techniques are effective and which are not.

When you find a winning method, you may concentrate on it and work on it to take it to the next level.

SEMrush can be used to check keyword ranks in certain countries. Your targeted country should be at the top of your priority list if you’re drafting a business strategy for your blog. This will allow you to arrange your content marketing and guest blogging initiatives more efficiently.

Destination sites

This tab will assist you in determining which website your audience will visit after visiting your competitor’s website.

A simple trick

Switch between device types in the SEMRush traffic analytics tool to see traffic for desktop and mobile separately.

SEMRush Traffic Analytics Pricing

The traffic analytics feature is an add-on that costs $200 per month and may be added to any SEMRush service.

The default SEMRush service (Pro) will set you back $99 per month, and you’ll need to purchase the add-on to get website statistics for just any domain. The pro package includes a number of SEO capabilities, which you can read more about here.

2. SimilarWeb

Similarweb is a digital intelligence supplier for enterprise and SMB customers. The platform delivers online analytics services and provides users with data on the web traffic and performance of their clients and competitors.

Similarweb can provide you with unique visitor statistics on a monthly and daily basis, whilst other analytics platforms measure pageviews or sessions. This exposes the true reach of your website by revealing the number of devices accessing the evaluated domain within the country and the time period analyzed.

Another popular traffic estimating tool is SimilarWeb, which provides a traffic overview of a website. According to research, the website provides some of the most thorough data on website traffic and other key metrics.

Also helpful is the comparison tool. This option allows you to compare websites side by side, removing the need to flip two displays together. Users may get up to 3 months of web traffic data, one month of mobile app data, and five metrics every month for free using Similar Web. Premium features, such as specialists you may consult with and up to 28 months of statistics, are available for an upgrade.

One may obtain the following information about any website using the SimilarWeb tool:

  • Traffic overview
  • Total visits
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic by countries
  • Search traffic
  • Social traffic
  • Audience interest
  • Competitors & similar sites

SimilarWeb’s pricing

SimilarWeb has a free and a paid version. The free plan is enough for providing a traffic estimate for a website. SimilarWeb Pro, which has an enterprise plan, is required for more specific data. The enterprise plan’s price is currently unavailable.

3. Check out Google Analytics

Finally, keep a watch on your Google Analytics statistics.

This is frequently the finest and most straightforward approach to obtaining immediate information on your website’s visitor numbers.

You’ll discover a wealth of information on your dashboard about where your visitors are coming from, the countries they’re in, and a slew of other ranking variables that may help you tailor your content correctly.

The main issue is that there is so much data that younger digital marketers might easily become overwhelmed.

To address this, you may utilize a third-party application that takes data from Google Analytics for better visual representation, or you can create bespoke dashboards that just show the data you’re interested in tracking.

4. Serpstat

Content Marketing Ideation works by searching databases for questions that clients are seeking answers to. Providing solutions to these commonly asked questions will increase the number of people who visit your website. You may use keywords relevant to your topic to improve search engine clicks once you’ve found and addressed those questions.

Serpstat provides Graphs and charts, and Reports to business owners that don’t have time to do their own research. In one single panel, a Simple Dashboard displays your projects, query history, clicks, and overall success. White Label Reports and Data Visualization assist in the creation of reports and the presentation of information to employers and business contacts.

Developers may use Serpstat’s API to get daily rankings, competition analysis, position monitoring, and keyword research data directly into their reporting systems. Serpstat gives incredibly busy individuals the access they need to manage their websites efficiently, with the most excellent content and the most clicks.

There are three types of website traffic checkers: free and paid

One of the many essential aspects of search engine optimization and digital marketing is monitoring website traffic statistics. You can always recognize places where you need to develop and those that allow you to scale up by keeping your finger on the pulse of

what’s going on with your page.

There are a variety of website traffic report tools on the market. These two, on the other hand, assist you in swiftly locating the information you want.

Because SimilarWeb is a free tool, it is underutilized by most advertisers and marketers that want to estimate a website’s traffic quickly. SEMrush traffic statistics give an in-depth website traffic report and rating for those interested in competitive analysis. On a lighter note, if you run a website, you may find the Global, Country, and Category Rank beneficial.

You might choose one of them depending on your needs.

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