7 Actionable Steps To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog

As marketers, we need to prioritize our blogging as blogging is valuable and if nobody is visiting your blog article, then you are failing in generating links, traffic or sales.

Steps to increase organic traffic to your Blog

It is proven that regular blog writing gets 13 times more positive returns on investment. If you are looking out for reliable and qualified search traffic but are stuck in understanding where to begin, this post will definitely help you. of will definitely help you. Go through it properly and act accordingly.

Action 1: Kindle Traffic Plan

Do you know that sales of self-published e-books in the Amazon Kindle Store represent 31% of sales? Gone are the days when you used to spend a huge amount of money and had to sign a contract with a large publishing house to publish your story. Now, all that has changed. You can become a published author if you have an idea which is worth sharing and get a lot of search traffic to your blog.

By publishing via Amazon KDP you drive targeted traffic and reach thousands of people for free. How this works is, that after you publish your Kindle book, you need to enrol your book in the “Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program. By doing so, your book becomes exclusive in the Kindle Store for 90 days and is included in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, where your targeted readers can borrow it for free.

To get even more traffic to your blog or landing page, you can :

  1. Create a link directly to your website inside the book
  2. You can use a free giveaway
  3. Include a free giveaway like a lead magnet

Action 2: How to create viral content

Most people fail while trying to create viral content. For your viral content to succeed, you need to research sites that successfully create viral posts on a regular basis. By doing so, you will learn three secrets of viral content creation which help in driving & increasing blog traffic.

The three secrets:

Great Headlines: Write great headlines, as if your headlines are right, you will get 8 out of 10 people to notice your content. Through headlines, you can grab the reader’s attention, and connects with the audience.

Quality Content: But always note that a good headline should be followed up by quality, truthful content. Keep the Content posts to 2,500 to 3,000 words which attract more shares than short posts. In fact, more words more SEO opportunities, which means a higher conversion rate.

The longer the posts the better are chances of getting good backlinks which in turn will drive organic leads You also get a lot of evergreen content. Your research and depth will give the reader all that they are searching for and their focus stays on your site.

Killer Idea: A unique, creative killer idea will sure go viral for which you need to first:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Take the help of a topic generator to create content ideas
  3. Use comments, and reviews to generate ideas
  4. Go through https://answerthepublic.com/ to generate ideas

Step 1: Know your audience:

Ask yourself what are the audience looking out for? Use forums like Quora, and use the google search engine for some answers which will lead you to some expert sites giving all the information you looking for. You will come across various groups looking out for different information from which you identify the buying cycle they represent. Are they at the Awareness stage, Consideration stage or Decision Stage?

Follow the path of users who visit your website to understand how they travel through pages, which of them they stay longer or are quitting too fast. You can use Google Analytics to check out the behaviour flow. Optimize the popular pages by creating a good landing page to a thank you page which will finally take them to confirmation of email or subscription page.

Step 2: Take the help of a topic generator to create content ideas

Research the viral posts to find what makes them more successful than others. You can use HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator which is a great tool for this research. You get a whole lot of free topic ideas to choose from and by signing up you will get a whole year’s worth of ideas.

Step 3: Use comments, and reviews to generate ideas

Go through the comments from blogs, by which you can not only connect with readers but also get useful content ideas. You need to study comments from people who really know their stuff and the best way of going about this is by visiting authority blogs and seeking out expert advice through your posts.

For example, use Moz Blog site where the comments from these blogs are from seasoned entrepreneurs, SEOs, and content marketers.

Another example is Upworthy, a blog which is creating viral content consistently. Upworthy has a huge 88 million visitors which is more than Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. The main reasons for their successful posts are their headlines which are Curiosity-driven and their short emotional videos.

Another way to generate ideas is by going through reviews. Through reviews you can find what is important and what is not for your customers, you know what is their language preference and mainly their pain points.

You need a smart strategy for sifting through reviews, line you can consider these key questions, who, what, if, where etc like Who are my target audience? What solutions are they looking for? If solutions they looking for and if online, where are they?

Step 4: Use Answer The Public to create ideas

Based on the search, Answer The Public populates tons of relevant topics. Like after using Google’s search engine for questions and you know what they are, now you can check who is answering them in Answer the public forum.

Action 3: Create evergreen list of posts

Evergreen posts are those contents which have continued and sustained success and are another proven strategy for increasing blog search traffic. These evergreen posts have the ability to generate traffic years after their originally published.

There are two ways to decide if a topic has an evergreen potential: First, you need to check your topic/subject to want to write a blog post that is covered at least in one magazine or publication, which in turn will tell you the popularity of your topic/idea. Second, go through posts with evergreen potential which enjoyed social media success. You will find that the success of these evergreen posts is because they make a specific promise, they are useful, informative and address that specific promise.

Never copy someone else’s headline, but use it to inspire you to create a better one that connects with your audience. Use Google’s search engine to eliminate search traffic competition and to know that your killer idea is not being used by someone.

Action 4: Long-tail keyword domination

Keyword research is very important and you need to create a spreadsheet capturing the keywords you come across, one column can be of the URL and the other one with the key phrase that associates with it. Besides the volume and competition, create some context where long-tail keywords come in handy. These are good for the middle and bottom of the funnel users who are close to converting.

For example, “baking” is popular, it’s also too generic and vague. Its a broad keyword. Now if you compare that to “baking cake recipes”, you will be closer to the target uers searching specifically for recipes.

Action 5: Email traffic generation

As per research, 269 billion emails are sent every day and email experts claim that you will make $32 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. As per Quick Sprout. One simple email blast generated $43,036 in income in less than 24 hours.

Though this sounds great, most email lists are dead and yield no search traffic results. You can make them come alive by building a specialized or “elite” list and keep nurturing your subscribers from time to time. You need this privileged minority to succeed, you don’t need everyone on your list.

Action 6: Unique guest blogging

A unique approach to Guest blogging is a proven way to increase traffic to your landing page and build your list. One blogger’s guest posts which were featured on high-traffic and relevant blogs recorded a 203% increase in traffic growth. Why? He targeted a select group of keywords with specific long-tail keyword phrases if you want to know what that blogger did to get thousands of people to read his guest posts. If want the same for your guest posts and want people to visit your blog every month, you should :

  1. Do research on blogs which have social influence
  2. Target the top ranking sites and pitch there

Action 7: Restructure your posts

You need to restructure your posts as per your target audience. Check all the comments. If nobody is commenting or you just get a “nice post,” comment and nothing more that means your post is not getting their attention or not connecting with them. In such cases, you need to restructure the blog content. If you succeed in connecting with the user, or you speak their language, you will definitely get comments, and likes from them and they will gladly promote, cite, and share your post in their own networks thereby increasing qualified blog traffic to your website.

One final thing you need to note is that consistency is the key here. You cannot expect results overnight though these traffic strategies are proven. You need to stick to them and eventually, you will get fresh visitors to your blog, you can increase your email subscribers, you can boost your conversion rate and finally end by building a sustainable business. Quality is the key when it comes to content marketing which you need to understand very clearly and keep in mind. A mix of Quality and Quantity will surely dominate the content game. But yes, Quality is more important than quantity.

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