21 Twitter Tools That Every Twitter Power User Must Know Of

Every Twitter power user should be aware of these 21 Twitter tools. Twitter is a social media platform with the primary goal of connecting people and expressing their ideas with a large audience. Users may use Twitter to find out about today’s top news and events, follow individuals or organizations who tweet material they like or just chat with their friends.Furthermore, PR and marketing teams may utilize Twitter to raise brand recognition and please their target audiences.

21 Twitter tools every twitter power user

Users may use Twitter to find out about today’s top news and events, follow individuals or organizations who tweet content they like, or just chat with their friends.

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To fully utilize the potential of Twitter, you’ll need certain third-party apps that attend to the capabilities that aren’t available in the main app. There are a variety of Twitter third-party tools that are specifically created for a certain function, but many of them are inadequate, and others are crowded with advertisements.

Sifting through the ocean of Twitter tools to find a decent offer may be a complex process, but we have you covered with our 21 Twitter tools that every twitter power user must be know of!

All digital marketers and those trying to grow their sales or reach should be aware of these Twitter tools to get the most out of the platform. With these tools that every power user should know, managing this powerful network might be more interesting and successful.

Marketers need to use Twitter:

Twitter can be an excellent tool for building a following and giving good content to your audience before they become consumers. The character limitation can also help you build quick-and-effective adverts, such as a mention of a webinar or a free e-book that your company is hosting.

It’s worth noting that you may use Twitter to promote your products or services, but only in moderation. Your major focus, like any social media marketing plan, should be on drawing an audience with relevant content and increasing brand exposure.

You may also use Twitter to make personal and meaningful connections with your audience. You can “like” or “retweet” someone’s comment if it highlights one of your products or services. Alternatively, if a consumer expresses dissatisfaction with your services on Twitter, you may respond immediately to handle the problem.

With these 21 Twitter tools that every business user must know, managing this powerful network might be satisfying and effective.

1. Circleboom

Circleboom Twitter offers extensive Twitter account statistics, follower/friend demographics, tools to identify fakes, spammers, and inactive accounts, as well as intelligent search tools to locate new peers with similar interests. Users may also fix up their Twitter accounts by removing tweets, retweets, likes, or the whole Twitter history using Circleboom Twitter’s built-in capabilities. Users with Circleboom Twitter may expect a full-featured Twitter management experience.

Circleboom is the most all-encompassing Twitter tool you’ll ever need. This application includes all you need to manage your Twitter followers, identify dormant Twitter profiles, erase your retweets, unlike previously liked tweets, find and remove the most active Twitter followers.

Publishers, mid-stage entrepreneurs, journalists, non-profits, academics, digital marketers, solopreneurs, and companies benefit the most from Circleboom on Twitter.

Overview about Circleboom’s Pricing: A free version is available, and a free trial is available from Circleboom.

Features of Circleboom
  • Reporting/Analytics for Multi-Account Management
  • Monitoring of social media

2. SocialPilot

Social Pilot is a flexible tool that you may use immediately. It simplifies tweeting, particularly for people who want to write all of their tweets at once but don’t want to publish them instantly.

Below is how it works:

You have the option of choosing the time and date when tweets should be published.

Create a large number of tweets and queue them in SocialPilot. The tweets will be sent out automatically at the time you specify.

Review of SocialPilot:

1. Pricing

Social Pilot serves a wide range of users, with price choices ranging from small companies to major corporations. What’s even better is that there are no feature limitations—nearly everything you can do at the highest level can be done at the lowest, and it’s simply on a lesser scale now.

  • Professional ($30 per month, or $25 per month if paid annually) — With the cheapest Social Pilot membership, you can manage 50 social accounts, make 200 posts every day, and queue up to 2,500 posts.
  • Small Team ($50/month, payable annually at $41.33/month) — 100 social accounts, 500 daily updates, 5,000 posts in the queue
  • 200 social accounts, 1,000 posts, 10,000 in the queue ($100/mo, $83.33/mo invoiced yearly)
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing) – Customers who want more functionality than the other plans provide.

Only one of the three services restricted to Professional subscribers is relevant at that level: the Social Inbox, which allows you to handle all incoming comments and messages from all of your Facebook Pages in one spot.

2. User-Friendliness

Any company wanting to compete with Hootsuite should concentrate on the software’s two failings: cost and usability. Looking at the costs shown above, it’s clear that Social Pilot considered this when creating their price levels. What about the user interface, though?

Well, it’s not groundbreaking or revolutionary in any way, and that suits them just fine. It’s straightforward, tidy, and well-organized. It’s dynamic and adaptable, but it’s also vulnerable to becoming a confused and crowded mess. It’s easy to become lost in it, trying to figure out which stream is your Facebook page and which is your Instagram; which stream displays your followers and which one shows who you’re following; everything can be transformed into a stream, making it tough to keep track of who you’re following. The style and navigation of Social Pilot are considerably more traditional—you won’t get lost.

3. SocialOomph

How could we miss out on everyone’s most-loved SocialOomph while discussing the greatest Twitter tools? This is the Twitter equivalent of a Swiss army knife. Almost all of the tools you’ll need to automate your Twitter profile may be found here. The following are some of the characteristics that make this a must-have tool:

  • New followers are automatically sent DMs.
  • New followers are automatically followed.
  • Send a series of tweets.
  • Delete any DMs or Tweets you’ve received.
  • Twitter RSS Feed

On the surface, Socialoomph appears to be one of the most basic social media management tools, yet it has powerful scheduling and queueing capabilities. You will, however, require above-average computer abilities, as Socialoomph is significantly less user-friendly than the competitors.

Since 2008, Socialoomph claims to have provided scheduled social posting services. Their user interface lacks the graphic flourishes and user-friendly features seen in most of the competitors. Although it is possible that it is not their fault, linking Facebook accounts to Socialoomph is a difficult task. Other social network management apps allow you to link your Facebook accounts to the app with comparable ease. Everything else is typically as simple as entering your Facebook log-in credentials and checking a few permission boxes. However, using Socialoomph, you must first develop a Facebook application and get it authorized by Facebook Developers – not an easy operation. If you wish to connect your LinkedIn accounts, you’ll also need to build a LinkedIn app.

4. Commun.it:

Commun.it is a powerful relationship management solution that can help you manage your Twitter connections and generate leads for your online company. Commun.it essentially allows you to keep track of all key interactions in your Twitter network to cultivate beneficial relationships. Commun.it has both free and paid membership options. You can only add four items to monitor with a free membership, but the premium version gives you access to a larger number of social media data to track. The premium edition, on the other hand, includes an infinite amount of reports, Twitter accounts, lead items, and engaged users. You may also keep track of key keywords, shared URL links, and hashtags. To begin, you may test any of the four plans for a 14-day trial period to have a better idea of what to anticipate.

While social media plays an important role in maintaining business contacts, there are few solutions that assist CRM through social media. Commun.it fills in the gaps in the way people and companies utilize Twitter by giving focus and clarity to the process. Commun.it aids in the maintenance of positive social interactions with followers, the improvement of work processes, and the achievement of the desired ROI.

There are three major things you can accomplish using Commun.it.

  • You can properly manage your Twitter relationships.
  • Concentrate your efforts on prospective consumers and influencers.
  • Increase the amount of social production and involvement

Member Types on Commun.it

Commun.it uses a unique algorithm to assess the significance of your social network’s followers and members. Relationships, followers, groups, engagements, and leads may be analyzed and managed. Commun.it is unique as it recognizes and categorizes members into three groups: high-value members, influencers, and supporters.

The three significant groupings are listed below.

  • High-value members- these are the people who are at the heart of your Twitter community. It is made up of people who interact with you on a daily basis, as well as those who support and promote you on social media.
  • Influencers are the people who have the most clout in your Twitter network. In other words, they are the individuals that bring your community together. Influencers are identified using a unique algorithm developed by Commun.it.
  • Supporters- they are those that retweet or share links to your current content to share and spread it. They can help you get more individuals to join your social network by increasing your exposure.

Members’ Activity in Commun.it: Participating and Evaluating

Evaluation is essential in Twitter interaction, as you may well know. Commun.it manages Twitter connections in much the same manner as SalesForce, Zoho, or any of the other well-known CRM products do. You can observe and analyze many metrics at the same time, in addition to monitoring and communicating with any of your followers. Make it a practice to praise and encourage members in each of the categories described above to stimulate response involvement.

5. Audiense:

The audience is a well-known enterprise-level Twitter management application that is also accessible to regular users like you and me. It’s a Twitter-certified product, and every new or experienced Twitter user swears by it.

The audience has tools to help you get the most out of your Twitter account. To mention a few of their many valuable capabilities, the capability of discovering influencers to connect with is commendable, determining the best time to tweet for maximum CTR, and running automated ‘Direct Message’ campaigns.

You may also follow, unfollow, and locate like-minded Twitter individuals in bulk. This is a valuable tool for getting the most out of your Twitter profile. Remember that this is not a game for the faint of heart.

6. AgoraPulse:

AgoraPulse is a fast-growing social networking platform that works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As a Twitter social media board, this one tool may be your whole answer.

Here are a few aspects that are to be taken into consideration about AgoraPulse:

  • Schedule social media posts and create a social media schedule.
  • Posts should be scheduled again (This feature is a lifesaver for repeat sharing the same content)
  • From a single screen, keep track of all tweets and mentions.
  • To respond to tweets, use templates.
  • You may assign tweets to team members using the team function.
  • The monitoring tool allows you to keep track of any tweets that link to a post on your blog or website.
  • Multiple social media profiles to manage.
  • Get rid of trolls by automatically deleting spam.
  • Extension for Chrome is available.

If you’ve been using Buffer or Twitter, you should give AgoraPulse a try. One of the best mobile apps available is theirs.

7. Tweriod

Tweriod tells you when is the best to tweet. They look at both your tweets and those of your followers. As a result, you can begin tweeting whenever it is most convenient for you to reach out to people.

On social media, a little interference is beneficial. Take a lookout and take notes! Tweriod is an excellent way to keep track of when the majority of your followers are online. For a network that will make you appear lost, research is necessary, and Tweriod is a must-have tool for getting to know your followers better. For improved interaction, you may utilize the data from this tool to plan your tweets around the most engaging times of the day.

8. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite must be mentioned in any list of Twitter tools because of how popular and powerful it has become. This application has nailed down managing your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts all at once and is a must-have for any professional online marketer. If you manage numerous Twitter accounts, Hootsuite is an excellent add-on that allows you to automatically retweet across all of them.

Hootsuite offers one benefit over other social media management programs. It is one of the most cost-effective options available, as long as your demands are straightforward. For larger groups and corporations, prices escalate dramatically. Their main app is mostly focused on social publishing. If you want to use social listening, you’ll have to purchase a separate software (Hootsuite Insights).

9. Tweepi:

Do you admire the Zen method of thinking? Tweepi is the app for you! What if you wake up one day to find that the bulk of the Twitter accounts you follow are no longer active? Tweepi helps you clean up your Twitter mess by removing inactive users and un-followers. Tweepi encourages you to follow Twitter users who share your interests.

10. Revive old post plugin for WordPress:

One of the most popular Twitter plugins for WordPress is this one. This plugin solves the most common difficulty of dealing with your blog’s old evergreen material. The plugin will automatically share the content on your Twitter timeline once you’ve set it up. This plugin was created just for Twitter, but owing to user demand, it now also supports other prominent social media networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, and Xing.

The free plugin has basic auto-tweeting features. The actual value is in the pro version, which automatically tweets the featured image. It’s a no-brainer that an image combined with a tweet works very well.

11. Twilert:

Twilert is a Twitter monitoring application that sends you email alerts whenever someone mentions you, your brand, product, or service on Twitter. Twilert is a tech stack tool in the Social Media Tools category.

This is basically Twitter’s version of Google Alerts! Simply enter your keywords, and you’ll receive email alerts. Twilert can send you an email when you or your business is mentioned on Twitter, allowing you to engage in the conversation. In the social media game, reputation management is essential, and you must be attentive and quick to respond.

12. TweetChat

You thought you couldn’t engage with individuals on Twitter other than through direct mentions or direct messages? Reconsider your position! Instead of using hashtags for public mentioning, TweetChat allows users to join in private conversation sessions.

13. GroupTweet

If you need to connect privately with a group of individuals on Twitter for communications purposes, GroupTweet is an excellent tool to use. GroupTweet allows you to connect with and assist groups in private communication. Allows several contributors to tweet from one or more Twitter accounts using GroupTweet.

2 to 100,000+ participants can tweet from the same account using GroupTweet. Multiple contributors may now be added to your company’s, school’s, team’s, or group’s Twitter account. Contributors may use whichever Twitter app they like, and GroupTweet can auto-retweet information from any number of Twitter accounts, with a built-in Tweet approval mechanism.

The names of contributors can be concealed or revealed at the start or conclusion of each tweet. Mentions and Direct Messages can be used to transmit tweets. Users can customize how Tweets from the GroupTweet account are presented using Custom Broadcast Templates. Message moderation (premium plan required) allows you to double-check who is sending you messages.

14. ManageFlitter:

ManageFlitter is designed for intelligent Twitter users, or at the very least, it will make your Twitter profile smarter. This software provides extensive analytics as well as unique features such as powerpoint.

Powerpoint can automatically schedule your post for maximum visibility and interaction. This is a free tool that you should start using right now. I failed to explain that ManageFlitter allows you to unfollow any dormant Twitter accounts.
15. Nuzzel:

Nuzzel is a noise reduction tool for Twitter. You may use Nuzzel to find out which tweets (news) are shared by a specific amount of your Twitter pals. You’ll be able to filter through the noise and find the tweets you shouldn’t miss this way. Nuzzel is a great tool for Twitter users who wish to identify the best tweets from their timeline to read or reshare.

You may also set Nuzzel to get a digest of those tweets and connect it to services such as Pocket, Instapaper, and the buffer app.

16. Buffer

Buffer is one of the greatest Twitter solutions available for those who tweet in short bursts. By tweeting in this manner, you may be losing key followers. Distributed tweets convert higher throughout the day, and Buffer allows you to arrange your tweets for the optimum performance of the day. A well-balanced tweeting schedule demonstrates organization and should draw more attention to you.

Buffer allows you to make the most of your most active moments on social media by establishing unique, personalized social media calendars for each profile you own. You may establish one custom schedule per platform as a ‘Publish Free Plan’ user, which will help you optimize time overall.

17. TweetStats

Keeping track of your Twitter activity is an excellent method to spot social media trends. TweetStats is a fantastic free tool for tracking your tweets by hour, month, or timeline.

18. TweetReach

TweetReach is a fantastic resource for marketing and public relations professionals. TweetReach tells you how far your tweet has travelled. With TweetReach, you can observe how far the message has gone. This is a tool for serious professionals, with pricing starting at $84 per month.

19. TwtPoll

Twtpoll includes the following features:

  • Polls are conducted on a regular basis (Voting)
  • Branding that can be customized
  • Various Question Types
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Option for Import-Export

TwtPoll is another wonderful tool for obtaining feedback from your committed followers in the form of interactions. Users may use TwtPoll to build social media polls that can be shared immediately on Facebook or Twitter. Involve your users by asking questions, getting comments, and engaging them.

20. Triberr

Triberr is an invitation-only network that is well worth joining. Triberr is a fantastic community software that allows you to tweet material from members of your tribe, who will reciprocate. Getting retweets from powerful individuals will get you the exposure you deserve, and it’s a terrific Twitter tool.

Triberr is a blogging-focused social network. It is built on the tribes and reciprocity notions. You’ll be able to search for ‘tribes’ that are related to your specialization once you’ve signed up. After that, you can join the tribe and ask to be upgraded to a full member.

21. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a robust multi-platform Twitter solution that gives users greater control and freedom. Swipe quickly between various accounts, send DMs, and manage all interactions in one place with Tweetdeck.

TweetDeck makes it easier to use Twitter by allowing you to browse many timelines in one simple interface. It comes with a slew of sophisticated features to help you get the most out of Twitter, including the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets for future publishing, create tweet collections, and more.

22. Storm It!

How many times have you had to stop tweeting because your message exceeded 280 characters? Storm, on the other hand, is a software that would make Twitter more pleasurable for individuals who compose long tweets.

All you have to do with Storm It! is write lengthy tweets, and it will automatically share them as individual tweets. The best thing is that it’s completely free and accessible on both Android and iOS.

Hope with these 21 Twitter tools we have covered everything you need to know.

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