10 Best Email Marketing Services & Software for 2022

10 Best Email Marketing Services

What is Email Marketing?

10 Best email to promote a company’s products and services is known as email marketing. Email marketing is a method of informing people of your new products, deals, as well as other services through their email IDs.

As other digital marketing tactics have advanced, a topic that has arisen is “Is email marketing still important?”

Yes, developing a solid email marketing plan allows you to engage and interact with your target audience in a personalized manner while also increasing revenue at a low cost. Email marketing, like other platforms and media, makes it easier for your company to reach consumers.

Email marketing is important in promoting a company’s products and services. We can directly get in touch with the customer. Nowadays, everywhere an email ID is necessary to get connected digitally with the world.

How to Select the Most Effective Email Marketing Service

There are varieties of email marketing methods available to choose from. However, to get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you’ll have to make sure you select a service that is a perfect fit for your company in every aspect.

Whether it’s the choice of templates, automated workflows, or the overall user interface, there’s an email marketing solution that will give your company the push it needs. Given below are the most significant aspects of an email marketing service and a few well-known options are recommended in each of these categories.


There’s nothing wrong with spending money on marketing software, but it’s essential to choose the correct one so you don’t end up paying for things you won’t use. Many email marketing service companies provide free plans for a limited period or a certain amount of subscribers, and they’re all worth checking out.

Ease Of Use:

Marketers hardly ever have time to examine a complete platform before onboarding a company in today’s fast-paced world of technology and business. As a result, they choose simple, minimalistic email marketing packages that allow them to get started quickly. As a result, basic and easy-to-use email marketing software would be beneficial.


Deliverability refers to an email marketing tool’s ability to send emails on time. There are several issues that might prevent your emails from reaching their intended recipients, so it’s critical that you use a provider that guarantees optimum deliverability.

A/B split testing tool:

A/B testing is a terrific way to learn more about customer behavior. This is a certain approach to identifying what works and what doesn’t in your email marketing plan. This might be done on a variety of levels, including:

  • A/B testing of email subject lines
  • A/B testing email capture copy
  • A/B testing email open rate
Analytics & reporting:

You already must be aware that data is important for making great business decisions as a business owner. Above all, an email marketing tool should allow you to track how well your emails are doing and whether you need to make any changes to your campaigns. It determines the effectiveness of your emails based on open and click rates, open rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, bounce rate, number of unsubscribes, as well as how many of them convert.

Automation tool:

While not all email marketers require automation, it is a pleasure in the age of customized connections. Automated emails, when done correctly, may provide a steady stream of revenue for your company. In addition, if you’re just getting started, an email marketing solution with segmentation should be on your list. This is really beneficial as you advance in your job or use email marketing to promote your business.

Form builder:

Using a basic and appealing sign-up form will make collecting emails much easier. This is one of the first things which should be done, and it’s also the first thing a subscriber will do. Because not all sign-up forms are made equal, choosing an email marketing software with a good form builder is a plus.


Some businesses have a lot of challenges, highlighting the need for a solution that can be trusted when it comes to third-party software integration. Research the third-party applications that are integrated with particular email marketing platforms, depending on your organization.

If you use a lot of third-party applications, you’ll want to find one that works with Zapier. Zapier is a platform that connects to over 1,500 cloud apps, so it may be useful.

Email marketing services comparison

1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing service that helps you focus on conversions, as the name suggests. One yet effective method of construction campaigns (called broadcasts) and segments is all about getting your subscribers to click on a link or a call to action in your emails.

ConvertKit assists you in the following ways:

1. Expand your target market

Attractive landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages that highlight your work may assist in the promotion of your current project and the collection of subscribers.

2. Give back to your community

With our easy email editor and strong sales funnels, you can build lasting connections and market like a pro.

3. Make money online

Make a livelihood selling your art by selling digital items and subscriptions directly to your fans—no technical skills necessary. For many artists, the writing and editing process of email marketing may be a stumbling block. Our email designer takes care of the editing so you can focus on the essential aspect of email: creating the content.

Email designs that are simple to use: You may create as many custom email templates as you want. Set one as the default so that nothing gets in the way of your creativity.

A writing experience that is devoid of clutter: For a better writing experience, use inline style choices to add links, graphics, or videos to your email using a simple interface.

2. Aweber

  • Starting price: $19/month
  • Free trial: 30 days

AWeber is an email marketing solution that lets you build a mailing list and collect data for it. Create newsletters that you may send to your mailing list. To automate your email marketing, use ‘autoresponders.’

What can AWeber help you with?

You may use AWeber to: Send an automated sequence of messages to create connections quickly. Send out email newsletters, discounts, and special deals. Sign-up forms may be effortlessly published to your website using this web form tool.

Aweber offers all of the functionality you’d expect from an email marketing platform, but it’s not as sophisticated as some of its competitors. It can create automated campaigns, but the number of things you can do with them is fairly restricted. Aweber mobile applications are another noteworthy aspect. It allows you to create and send email newsletters from the convenience of your phone. Before switching to ConvertKit, ShoutMeLoud use Aweber as its email marketing provider.

3. Constant Contact

  • Starting price: $20/month
  • Free trial: 30 days

Constant Contact is a cost-effective and simple-to-use email marketing platform that allows you to design email marketing templates, automate and manage campaigns, develop contact lists, and nurture client connections. Over the last few years, Constant Contact has undergone various changes. It is now an email marketing solution with additional capabilities for users of e-commerce websites.

Constant Contact may now be connected with a Facebook business page for advertisements, in addition to connecting with sites and apps like WordPress and Shopify. Constant Content provides a drag-and-drop email builder that makes creating emails from scratch a breeze. Another new feature is the ability to send emails repeatedly to those who did not open them the first time.

Constant Contact’s key characteristics include:

  • Segmentation of emails
  • All popular services are integrated.
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Payments can be made on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • App for mobile devices
  • Calendar for email marketing

4. Active Campaign

  • Starting price: $15/month
  • Free trial: 30 days

Active Campaign is an all-in-one email marketing solution that combines the power of email marketing with marketing automation and CRM process automation. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to send newsletters, create stunning email campaigns, and remain in touch with your contacts and consumers. Active Campaign is a current email marketing solution that’s perfect if you want a friendly user interface and more than just the standard functions of an email marketing program.

With drag-and-drop capability, using Active Campaign’s Form Editor is simple. If you don’t know how to write eye-catching emails, you may use pre-made templates and customize them to match the theme of your site.

Active Campaign’s features are all jam-packed with capability. This tool allows you to construct simple text-based email campaigns as well as more complex ones containing video and pictures.

Active Campaign is a promising program to achieve that for you if you prefer to analyze your email campaign statistics to the last detail. If you only have a few subscribers, this tool may not be necessary, but if you already have a large list and want to examine subscriber behavior and campaign ROI, this is a must-have.

5. MailChimp

  • Starting price: Free or $10/month
  • Free trial: none

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service based in the United States that allows users to manage mailing lists and conduct email marketing campaigns for clients. MailChimp is a popular free email marketing platform for bloggers and marketers who have a limited budget. It’s one of the few free email marketing solutions that have premium capabilities (with a limit on subscriber size and the number of emails sent).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool for creating, sending, and analyzing emails. Complete campaign transparency, email tracking, monitoring success, and click-through rates, creating custom statistics, and managing subscriptions and unsubscribes are all features included in the program.

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that allows you to manage and communicate with your clients, customers, and other interested parties in one place. Healthy contact management techniques, elegantly designed campaigns, and sophisticated data analysis are the heart of any marketing strategy.

MailChimp has caught up with other email providers; thanks to a recent overhaul of its UI (along with some new features). With its latest upgrade, MailChimp has evolved from a tool for doing simple email activities to something more helpful. Its automation function is one example. Automation can now be triggered in various ways. This feature was not available before the upgrade.

6. Get Response

  • Starting price: $15/month
  • Free trial: 30 days

Get Response bills itself as a one-stop marketing shop for businesses. It includes the development of landing sites and webinars in addition to basic email marketing campaign capability. Get response leverage tags and custom fields in its sophisticated automation workflow.

It also keeps track of how a user interacts with your site, which is referred to as web event monitoring. When making automation processes, these elements may be utilized as triggers and conditions. Get response’s approach to A/B testing is unique in that it isn’t limited to subject lines or the time of email delivery. It also allows you to do an A/B test on the email content.

7. Sendinblue

  • Starting price: Free or $25/month
  • Free trial: none (free plan available)

For growing businesses, Sendinblue is the most sophisticated and user-friendly tool available. Thrive digitally as we assist you in determining the best marketing and sales solutions for businesses. SendinBlue is an email marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to send and automate email marketing campaigns at a cost.

Sendinblue is a robust email marketing platform with three services: Email, SMS, and a dedicated IP address. Each of these plans has its own set of costs. The pricing mentioned above is for the email marketing feature. This email campaign software can suit you if you operate an e-commerce shop. Sendinblue can send transactional messages in addition to regular email marketing duties, which means consumers who purchased anything from your shop can receive email and SMS confirmation of their order.

Using its drag-and-drop builder, creating emails with this application is a breeze. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are several templates to pick from. Sendinblue also allows for automation, and it even offers pre-built automation that you can edit and personalize.

8. MailerLite

  • Starting price: Free or $10/month
  • Free trial: none (free plan available)

Another newbie to the email marketing sector is Mailer Lite. It includes capabilities you wouldn’t expect to see in an email marketing platform. MailerLite is indeed an email marketing as well as a website builder for businesses of all sizes.

MailerLite’s main concept is simplicity. They offer simple and user-friendly tools like a drag-and-drop email editor, a website builder, and an intuitive subscriber management interface to our customers.

The personalization tool, for example, allows you to conceal or show particular elements of your email to specific recipients. You may also leverage a subscriber’s personal information (that they freely provided), such as their hometown, and include it in your email message, making it feel more personal.

Another fantastic personalization option is the ability to schedule an email to be delivered according to the subscriber’s time zone, allowing you to send emails at the most optimal moment.

Another fantastic personalization option is the ability to schedule an email to be delivered according to the subscriber’s time zone, allowing you to send emails at the most optimal moment.

Mailer Lite also includes a robust automation capability. You may start with a template or develop your routine. Mail Lite is a good mass email marketing software since it allows you to send to a large number of people for a low monthly charge.

9. Benchmark Email

  • Starting price: Free or $13.99
  • Free trial: none (free plan available)

Benchmark is an email marketing platform with a mission to help companies worldwide ignite client connections. Benchmark Email has been delivering effective email marketing tools to businesses throughout the world for decades, helping them reach their target audiences.

Benchmark Email is a simple and elegant email marketing solution that focuses on producing attractive emails. Its powerful email editor allows you to create email content using blocks such as graphics, text, buttons, and links. The templates for sign-up forms are a bit of a letdown for an email marketing service that wants you to send great-looking emails. They’re out of date and, to put it mildly, don’t look nice. The free account has a limited number of automation, however, upgrading to a subscription plan unlocks more features. Web event tracking and Facebook app integration are two of Automation Pro’s capabilities.

10. Drip

  • Starting price: $49/month
  • Free trial: 14 days

Email and SMS marketing for e-commerce businesses are on the rise. Run sophisticated multi-channel marketing strategies that have been shown to increase sales – all without needing to know how to code.

Drip is a high-end email marketing service and cross-channel marketing automation platform aimed at e-commerce businesses, particularly Shopify users. Many internet entrepreneurs have thoroughly evaluated it, and Drip aspires to be the best at everything an email marketing platform can accomplish.

Drip’s over-the-top approach to email is visible in every feature, from its pre-made automated workflows — where you just need to change a few settings and you’re done — to its Visual Builder, which makes it incredibly simple to produce attractive emails.

When it comes to managing subscribers, Drip allows you to group them into groups depending on the criteria you choose. Connecting Shopify and Drip will significantly improve your marketing capabilities. Everything that happens on your Shopify site now shows up in Drip, allowing you to respond with the appropriate message.

You may use email marketing to provide targeted and personalized communications. This helps in forging genuine connections with your consumers. It can also assist you in improving the efficiency of your direct marketing campaigns.

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