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Inventory Management Application

The Client – AutoMac Diesels providing equipment of CASE and Godrej, and also providing the service of TURBO & TEL Engines

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Auto Challenges

The Challenge

  • A Detailed overview of the goods in stock.
  • Increase in efficiency of storage operations and goods flow within the warehouse.
  • Improved accuracy of the work of warehouse operators.
  • Minimize errors in goods picking.
  • Compliance with trade rules necessary for precise and accurate fulfillment of customer orders.
  • The handheld devices must be able to account for a specific inventory item in any number of various rooms in a site and a maintain record of the inventory level specific to each room.

The above problems together were a significant burden on the company.

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The Solutions

We developed an appropriate solution that was based upon the client’s distinct business model and addressed the client’s problem areas. The team had divided the requirements of the solution into a set of modules and features were developed accordingly. The solution was developed to have two levels of access – members and admin. All the two levels had common as well as distinct sets of functionalities. The allocation of the right sets of functionalities for different user groups was done based upon a defined process.

The final solution delivered the following to the client:

Ensure that barcode labels are on all inventory items or locations of inventory items.

Take an inventory export from the WMS system for all inventory at the pilot site save in format specific to new system requirements (.csv or .xls).

User Management – Admin can manage roles and users with their basic details and wages.

Order Management – Admin can order spare parts and maintain their status as per goods delivery.

Reports – Admin can generate various reports like maintenance cost, inventory, spare part forecasting based on booked inventory, work order, order history, maintenance history.

Data Importing – Admin can import excel sheets for equipment and products

Different levels of access have been created for different users like Admin, Accountant, Sales Manager and Warehouse Manager.

The solution is also capable of generating and managing reports.


Since implementation, the company has enjoyed an easier way to manage their business:

  • There is no longer uncertainty of stock level and location, making inventory checks quick, easy, and informative.
  • The custom Inventory Management system integrates with a central database on which to record all vital information – assets, inventories, sales – and has a PC interface to for storage and processing of all goods, descriptions, and quantities.
  • The time spent transferring information manually from paper to an inefficient database is saved with a central system on which all information is inputted and stored.
  • The customer orders are automated, therefore improving accuracy and time for fulfillment of the order.

The power of effective inventory management lies in the time saved with its implementation: a more efficient business is the spawn of an investment in asset management.

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